Hotel Greif in Bolzano

“I have arrived in Italy and am sitting in a hotel room with a grand piano. Are you sure that I am in the right room?“. I got this call from my fiancée after he had checked in at Hotel Greif in Bolzano. I was in Südtirol for work and had booked us a hotel quite spontaneously for the weekend. The only thing my fiancée knew was the address that had popped up on his phone. Surprise, surprise.

If you are looking for a design hotel right in the centre of Bolzano then this is your pick.

The location doesn’t get any better. Hotel Greif is right at the well-known Piazza Walther and a perfect hotel in order to explore the city of Bolzano but also the surroundings. If you choose the „Piano-Room“ then all your windows face the Piazza Walther, giving you some nice views.

The hotel itself is a modern designer hotel and a member of Design HotelsTM. All 33 rooms have been designed by contemporary artists, each with an individual design and different works of art. The thing I really love about this hotel, though, is the mixture of traditional and modern elements. The original furniture from the old Hotel Greif has been carefully restored and combined with some new pieces.

The problem with this hotel is, you will have to choose one room, unless you decide to stay 33 nights. We stayed in room 211. You have your own staircase leading up to the second floor under the roof. Luckily the original plan to use this room as a storage space was abandoned and instead it was transformed into a hotel room.

I think this is the most special room I have ever stayed at – at least it is definitely the most memorable one. Can you think oft the last time you had a grand piano in your room? You can just lay in bed and listen to the piano your significant other is playing. You can’t play the piano? Get some lessons and off you go to Bolzano. I hardly wanted to leave the room.

Hotel Greif is said to have the best breakfast in town, so you don’t have to go far for a morning treat.

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